Ethernet Wiring or Wireless? PDF Print E-mail

Compared to having a wired network and connecting via network cables, there is no doubt that wireless networks are very user-friendly; particularly if you own wireless-capable gadgets like laptops or smart phones. However, ethernet wiring has its own exclusive charms too. Wireless networks are very much prone to interference and signal drops. This causes dropping Internet connection and we all know how aggravating that can be. One moment, you are watching a cool video; next thing you know, the video abruptly stops and shows you an Internet connection related error. Ethernet wiring are actually faster and more reliable that wireless connections. Unless  your router, modem, cables, or even your computer is not functioning properly, you are most unlikely to get any interference in your Internet experience. Ethernet wiring is almost always considered as a better option in home networking.


Moreover, you don't have to have a degree in networking just to set up ethernet wiring in your house. All you need is a working knowledge of networking basics which, without a doubt, you can get access to through various articles and guides on the Internet. You can even ask your cable company or your router's manufacturing company to help you set up ethernet wiring. Another advantage to ethernet wiring is that majority of networking devices released in the market today are Ethernet-ready. Most of the time, you can connect them right away to your home network. Routers, for example, are often ready to support ethernet wiring the moment you take them out of the box and plug them in to a power outlet. You can also buy extra ethernet cables in case you buy a gaming platform or a TiVo to your router.


In conclusion,  ethernet wiring - when properly installed and the cables are all kept out of the way - can be a more reliable and convenient way to go. Sure, it takes quite a considerable amount of effort to set up your house for a wired network, but in the long run, the perks of having ethernet wiring in your home exceed that of having wireless connections.




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