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If you are setting up your office, you are also probably planning to set up an office network. There are a lot of ways to go about installing office network wiring. First, you can hire a technician who will do the work for you for a fee. Qualified licensed network technicians are learned in the know-hows of office network wiring and they also have the experience to back up their knowledge. Hiring technicians comes with a high price, but considering the time and effort you can save by hiring an expert instead of doing it on your own, it is all well worth it. However, if it is not included in your budget and you think you can give it a try, then carry on, soldier.


As with any project, the first step to office network wiring is planning the network's layout. Know the fundamentals, understand them, and see how you can apply them in your office space. First off, try to acquaint yourself with networking lingo. It will come in handy especially when you are at the stage where you are listing off the tools and materials needed for office network wiring. Second, decide on how many devices you are going to connect to the network (e.g. PC, server, printer, etc). Each of these devices will need a node - a connection point - where they can connect to join the network. Each node will then be connected via a cable to the server or to a routing device which is connected to the main server.


Lastly, determine where you are going to place the devices. It's tempting to just pick a random place nearby your work area but certain factors need to be considered in office network wiring. For example, choose carefully where you're going to place the printer. Will it be near the computer or in another room with the copiers and fax machines? Remember that in office network wiring, these devices will be connected to cables (if your network is not wireless). You will be dealing with cables here; you wouldn't want to confuse which cable is connected to what.


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