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So you have managed to set up your very own network in the comfort of your house, what do you do next? For the most part, nothing, but to make sure your network keeps on running on optimum performance, you not only have to be cautious with your networking devices but you also have to take care of your Ethernet cables. Commonly used in Cat5e installations, Cat5e cables are capable of transmitting data at speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second or 1000 Megabits per second. Its predecessor, the Category 5 cable, is the most basic and can transmit data at 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps speeds. In general, Cat5 cables can still be found in existing cable installations while newer networks already have Cat5e installations in them.


Regardless of what cable type your network is using, the performance will depend on the installation to a large extent. Assuming you had a technician do the Cat5e installations for you, there should not be any problem with the network performance. What you need to look out for, are future damages to the Cat5e installations. First of all, don't pull the cables using too much force. You might stretch the cables and damage them. Bending the cables or pulling them around sharp corners will also cause permanent damage and inhibit the cables from functioning properly. In most new Cat5e installations, UV-rated or UV-stable cables are used but just to make sure, check if your cables are UV-rated. If they are, then it means they can be exposed to outdoor UV radiation without considerable damage. Third, Ethernet cables are usually encased in plastic casing. If the Cat5e installations require exposing the cables to outdoor elements, the cables must be placed far from any source of electrical interference such as power lines. If the cables are indoors, put them away from fluorescent lights.


Lastly, there are times when it can be helped to tie cables in Cat5e installations to prevent unnecessary movement of the cables. However, don't make the ties too tight or they will only distort the cable jacket and damage the cable.



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