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Electrical Troubleshooting: Short Circuit Repairs

Wake up one day to a failed electrical system? Short circuits are not uncommon in private residences or commercial buildings, but the root of the issue can vary significantly. The first step is to check your circuit breakers (fuses) to see if one is tripped. If so, you can try resetting it by turning it all the way off and then back on.

While this is the quick solution, it may not always work, and furthermore it fails to identify the origin of the problem so that it can be prevented in the future. Our experts at Robert Redford Electrical Services will help you with electrical troubleshooting in order to provide you a long term short circuit repair solution. We will:

  • Troubleshoot short circuits to identify issues
  • Inspect your electrical system
  • Inspect your electrical panel and recommend corrective action

Typically, if you have checked the circuit breakers but still have no power, you should contact your local utility company to report the problem. They will send out technicians to check that they are providing the correct power at the first connection of your meter box.

However, even if the short circuit issue has been resolved and your power is restored, it is still prudent to contact Robert Redford Electrical Services to have you electrical system and panel inspected and receive proper electrical troubleshooting services. This will help ensure that the root issue is identified and adequately corrected to prevent future short circuits.

Call us anytime to schedule one of our professional electricians to come to your home and troubleshoot a short circuit or other electrical issue. We service Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland. Contact us at 604-536-5672 today!


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